Drax Hall Utilities Limited Water Tariff Application

Drax Hall Utilities Limited Water Tariff Application

Drax Hall Estate
Drax Hall Estate development consists of two components; the g00 acres Drax Hall north side development and the 1,400 acres Drax Hall south side development. The north and south side of the Drax Hall development is divided by the north coast highway from St. Ann’s Bay to Ocho Rios. The site is bordered to the west by the St. Ann Great River, to the north by the Caribbean Sea, to the east by Mammee Bay Estate and to the south by various hillside settlements.

Drax Hall Estate, with its varied offering of amenities, is a development with a master plan that has been created to offer a combination of accommodation, including villa lots, townhouses and condominium complexes, shopping plazas, restaurants and recreational facilities, all within close proximity.

At the moment, all the development and construction of utility infrastructure taking place in Drax Hall Estate is carried out by Drax Hall Limited. However, while Drax Hall Limited. does the installation and owns the infrastructure that supplies the property, once it is completed the maintenance and operation of that infrastructure is passed-on to Drax Hall Utilities Ltd., whose job it is to supply a continuous, uninterrupted service.