JPS Proposed Criteria Response FINAL – No C

JPS Proposed Criteria Response FINAL – No C

The purpose of this document is to provide a response to the Offices of Utilities Regulation (“OUR/Office”) on the 2019-2024 Rate Review Process Consultation Document. Herein referred to as the “Proposed Criteria” or “OUR’s Consultation Document”

The Electricity Licence, 2016 (the Licence) requires that the Office shall publish the Proposed Criteria for the next rate review process and shall initiate a consultative process by which the Criteria should be arrived at. In this process the Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd. (JPS/Licensee/The Company) and other stakeholders shall be afforded 60 days to respond and comment on the Proposed Criteria. The Office shall take these responses and comments into consideration in arriving at the Final Criteria.

The Proposed Criteria has outlined principles, methodologies and procedures that the OUR proposes to use in the rate setting exercise in 16 categories. JPS has reviewed same and herein provides its response to each criterion. Our responses primarily highlight the differences noted between the requirements of the Licence and the Criteria, errors noted, limitations of JPS and, in some instances, proposing alternative or additional considerations.