Media Release – St Jago Hills Development Company submits tariff application


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    St. Jago Hills Development Company Limited Submits Tariff Application to OUR

    (KINGSTON, Jamaica; 2022 March 30): St. Jago Hills Development Company Limited (SJHDC) has submitted an application to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) for a tariff review.

    SJHDC is a privately owned utility company that provides potable water to residents within the community of St. Jago Hills in St. Catherine.

    Among the matters presented for the OUR’s consideration are the following:

    • Fuel Charge;
    • Insurance provisions for public liability coverage;
    • Acquisition and installation of a generator;
    • Loan repayment allocations; and
    • A fixed rate of return to the company.

    SJHDC did not propose any change to the service charge, which represents a fixed monthly charge to customers. All tiers of the monthly consumption blocks are retained in the tariff proposal. Additionally, the proposed level of increases are applied equally to the rate in each tier in SJHDC’s Tariff Application.  The table below shows the current and the proposed monthly tariff rates.

    Monthly Rates  
    Volumetric Service Blocks


    Current Rates $ Proposed Rates $
    Service Charge à 1,514.19 1,514.19
    1st 3,000 (lowest) 421.29 1,422.69
    2nd 3,000 742.88 2,508.69
    3rd 3,000 802.11 2,708.70
    4th 3,000 1,023.87 3,457.58
    Next 8,000 1,274.91 4,305.34
    Next 20,000 1,641.14 5,542.09

    This is the second tariff application to the OUR by SJHDC. The first submission, made in 2018 November, resulted in the OUR issuing an Interim Determination Notice that went into effect on 2019 July 5.

    SJHDC’s latest tariff application can be viewed on the OUR’s website: